Meet Prospector Analyst.

Built with the end-user in mind, Prospector Analyst brings you data within technical reports and mining news so you can answer all your questions within one easy-to-use platform.

How much of each mineral is in the ground?

How does this compare to other projects and companies?

What are the productions costs?

What are the key metrics across the life of mine?


Comprehensive Database

The Prospector database contains over 12,000 mining projects and more than 3,000 mining companies with up-to-date information from the TSX and ASX.

Advanced Filters (Video)
Advanced Filters (1)

Reduce Analyst Time

Reduce analyst time up to 75% with advanced features to find mineral assets, analyze technical reports, and make informed decisions quicker than ever before.


Your Analyst Tool Kit

NPV Calculator

Cash flow comparisons, adjustable assumptions, scenario tracking, ~EBIDTA analysis

Mineral Resources and Reserves

Project size, mineral deposits, competitive analysis, benchmarking

Technical Report Navigator

Report viewer with AI metadata, linked companies/projects, document tables and charts

Stock and News Analysis

Interactive stock chart, price and volume, time series news events

Location and Ownership

Project location, ownership, and structure

Production and Costs

Annual and quarterly production, costs, and revenue

Your all-in-one platform for mining data.

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