Uranium Resource Report

Nuclear Energy is one of the world’s most reliable, clean (carbon-free) providers of energy. That is, there are no greenhouse gasses emitted while generating electricity. Nuclear reactors generate ~20% of USA’s and ~14% of Canada’s electricity needs. 

As with other metals, we see deposits amenable to conventional mining methods (i.e. open pit, underground) but we also have deposits amenable to ISR (in-situ recovery)—deposits that are extracted with lesser surficial (environmental) footprint and are considered more cost effective. While conventional mining methods involve removing and processing ore extracted from the ground, ISR involves removing the minerals using a solution, while keeping the ore in the ground.

The tables that are provided in this report consist of data pulled directly from Prospector’s platform. For each project, Prospector collects the following information:

  • Location information (country, latitude, longitude)
  • Metals and minerals
  • Detailed resources and reserve data
  • Source documents

Download our report to make informed decisions, and uncover your own insights in 2023!

Uranium Report