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Query Types

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Production Metric Queries


  • Mineral production
  • Mineral sales
  • Cash costs related to a particular mineral (Co-Product & By-Product basis)
  • All-in-sustaining cost related to a particular mineral
  • Mineral resource and reserve queries on an annual update basis
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Life of Mine

  • Mine life
  • Capex
  • Opex
  • Total production
  • Mining & processing methods
  • Recovery rates
  • 24/7 online support
  • Processing & mining grades
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Company Fundamental Queries

  • Cash & short-term investments
  • Market cap
  • Long term debt
  • Short term debt
  • Shares outstanding
  • P/E ration
  • 200+ financial metrics from income statements and balance sheets

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Project and Company Summaries

  • Project stage
  • Mineral
  • Mineral estimate
  • Grade
  • Total resource and/or reserve
  • Production & sales
  • Production costs
  • Deposit type
  • Mining or processing method