For Year-End and Quarterly Reporting

Custom Data Queries


As you prepare for your quarterly and year-end reporting, let Prospector help you make informed decisions with our custom data queries. Our highly experienced analysts can provide you with tailored lists of mining projects and companies based on a wide range of aspects, including:

  • market cap
  • cash position
  • debt
  • stock price change
  • geological model of the project
  • resource grade
  • resource size
  • cost of production
  • overall production of a mineral
  • stage
  • and the net present value of mines.

Our data will help you when it comes to evaluating investments. With our expertise in gathering and preparing data queries of production, sales, cash costs, and all-in-sustaining cost data from a variety of projects, minerals, and companies over time - combined with resource and reserve historic growth information - we can provide you with up-to-date and accurate data cuts.

Additionally, we can filter through life of mine data with production rates, recovery rates, capital expenditures, and more to give you everything you need to build a life of mine plan cash flow model. This, combined with short-term debt, shares outstanding, and cash positions, make it easier than ever to determine if investments are over or undervalued.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer and leverage the full power of Prospector's database to get in-depth analytics on the world's publicly traded mining companies and their mining projects.

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  • Production Metric

  • Life of Mine

  • Company Fundamental

  • Project and Company

Custom production metric queries on an annual and quarterly basis across our database by project(s) or company(ies):

  • Production of a particular mineral
  • Sales of a particular mineral
  • Cash costs related to a particular mineral (Co-Product & By-Product basis)
  • All-in-sustaining cost related to a particular mineral (Co-Product & By-Product basis)
  • Mineral resource and reserve queries on an annual update basis

Life of mine queries summarizing key metrics from technical reports by project, including:

  • Mine life
  • Capex
  • Opex
  • Total production
  • Mining & processing methods
  • Recovery rates
  • Processing & mining grades
  • and more

Company fundamental queries on annual, quarterly, and most recent data over time on the following metrics:

  • Cash & short-term investments
  • Market cap
  • Long term debt
  • Short term debt
  • Shares outstanding
  • P/E ration
  • and more than 200 financial metrics from income statements and balance sheets

We can combine any of the queries and summarize by project or company by applying a wide variety of filters, including:

  • Project stage
  • Mineral
  • Mineral estimate
  • Grade
  • Total resource and/or reserve
  • Production & sales
  • Production costs
  • Deposit type
  • Mining or processing method
  • and more