Lithium Resource Report

Lithium is a critical battery metal and one of the major metals impacting global electrification and societal green energy goals. We have been following the world's increasing demand for lithium, so we used Prospector to summarize lithium deposit types and locations, and generate insights about the state of the lithium industry in our 2023 Lithium Resource Report.

This report contains critical information for anyone looking to dig deeper into current data from lithium projects, resources, and reserves. Check out our insights into lithium resources across all deposit types.

The tables that are provided in this report consist of data pulled directly from Prospector’s platform. For each project, Prospector collects the following information:

  • Location information (country, latitude, longitude)
  • Metals and minerals
  • Detailed resources
  • Reserve data
  • Source documents

Download our report to make informed decisions, and uncover your own insights in 2023!

Prospector 2023 Lithium Report