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"TMX Datalinx is excited to be the source of Canadian mining data for Prospector's new AI-driven platform," said Sarah Ryerson, President, Datalinx, TMX Group. "TMX Datalinx is the premier source of market data in Canada. By providing Prospector with data to power their new AI-driven platform, users will have the ability to find and compare mining investments." 

Sarah Ryerson

President, TMX Datalinx

The 43-101 report is the backbone of mining investment research and reporting.  However, current methods for reporting are outdated in a digital age where information is easily searchable and retrievable with a few keywords. Prospector brings NI-43-101 reports into the modern digital era to the professional and regular investor.

Nicholas LePan

Natural Resources Editor, Visual Capitalist

Image by Sebastian Pichler

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